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Smallie Craws

Smallie Craws watermelonseed red flake

color shown: watermelonseed red flake color chart


  • 3.5 inch length
  • fully rounded, ribbed worm shaped body
  • side appendages and claws to simulate crawfish


Crawfish/creature bait that can be Texas rigged for flipping and pitching. Or rigged on a jig as a bulky trailer.

It's mid sized claws produce great action with subtle vibrations on the fall. This bait stands up amazingly when worked on the bottom and the worm shaped body makes for easy rigging. With its versatility and tantalizing action, the Smallie Craw is sure to be a favorite!

Smallie Craw - 8 pack $3.75


This smaller profile craw bait provides more of a subtle, finesse approach. That means I have dropshotted it among the other common rigging techniques.

However my favorite approach is a Brovarney shakey football head jig and let the Smallie's claws stand up, shake, and wiggle when working along the bottom.

Mickey Goetting