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About Us

MG Lures mission is to create high quality hand poured bass lures with a focus on the tournament angler.

Handpoured lures are custom crafted by hand and are more soft and durable than injection baits. Also, with both salt and scent impregnation in the plastic during the pouring process, no need for additional scents to be applied. Available scents include anise, cherry, coffee, crawfish, garlic, grape, shad, and tourney.

MG Lures is continually expanding our product lines and color selection. Some of our products include hand poured jig trailers, hand poured Pachinkos, and hand poured worms, Don't see a color you want? Contact us and we will attempt to match it and make it for you. No custom order is too small!

Please allow up to 2 weeks (14 days) for delivery of your hand poured lures. New colors or custom matching colors make take an additional week.


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