Preferred by 4 out of 5 bass!
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tsunami tube goby gold

color shown: goby gold color chart


  • 4 inch length
  • 1/8" solid head
  • fully rounded tube with wavy exterior
  • softer and thinner wall than most tubes
  • holllow body
  • all tentacles fully cut and separated


Soft, hollow tube that can be Texas rigged for flipping and pitching. Or riggec on a jighead in more open water applications.

4" tsunami tube - 8 pack $4.25
4" tsunami tube - 50 pack $22.75


The tube baits were killer on Bay Lake this weekend! Working the shallows and structure transitions, all I had to do was a slow retrieve with occasional twitches that kept it bumping along the bottom. The fish couldn't resist!
Mark Caufman

Excellent product! 5 of us in 2 boats probably had a 150 fish day in 6 hours. Your tubes outperformed the fatter brand x tubes that I typically used 5-1.
Jeff Brown