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Pachinko Colors

Just some of the available colors. We are able to mix and match and add various glitter.

amber black/blue/red flake   Halloween candy Halloween candy
baby bass baby bass   junebug junebug
(purple with green flake)
Battin special
special run color extra $1/pack

black blue tail and silver flake

  lime candy lime candy
black black      
black blue flake   mellow yellow
black gold flake   mocha
black magic   motor oil
(changeable brown/green)
black silver flake     oliveseed blue magic oliveseed blue magicNew 08/25/16
blue magic   orange
blue silver flake   oxblood
blue smoke   (flourescent) pink
bluegill bluegill added April 2014   pumpkin
Breuer brown      
bubble gum   pumpkinseed
caramel   redbug
chartreuse   red magic
chartreuse pepper   root beer grn flk
Christmas tree   Texas craw Texas craw
(brown with small green, red, silver, and red flake)
cinammon cinnamon   Vern's bleeding bass
light green with silver, silver holo, and small red flake
clear gold flake   watermelon
electric melon   watermelon
red flake
watermelon red flake
fools gold   watermelonseed
goby gold   watermelonseed red flake
green pumpkin blue flake green pumpkin blue flake   white white
green pumpkinseed