Preferred by 4 out of 5 bass!


Fully rounded heavily salted bait - great for dead sticking
Horizontal "wiggling" sinking action that outfishes, outlasts competing brands. Available in floating and "super soft" or "lite" versions.

bold bluegill
2.75" pachinko - 12 pack $3.75

4" pachinko - 10 pack $3.75
4" pachinko - 50 pack $17.75
4" pachinko - 100 pack $33.75

5" pachinko - 10 pack $4.25
5" pachinko - 50 pack $20.25
5" pachinko - 100 pack $38.25

7" pachinko - 8 pack $7.25


Pachinkos are my go to bait when all else is seems to be letting me down. White or the blue/silver flake always come up big for me. More than once they have saved my outing.

Mike Owens

The Pachinko is a dynamite bait. It is a little bulkier than some stick baits, which makes it cast like a rocket, even in heavy wind. It is so easy to catch fish on. Just rig it weightless on a 3/0 ultra-wide gap worm hook, cast it out and let it fall to the bottom. Half the strikes come on the fall. Just watch your line like a bobber. Even little kids can catch lunker bass on this thing. My boy got a 5 pounder this summer in the pads. That's a big fish for Minnesota!"

Kevin Siefering
2001 Sportsmen Bassmasters Top Hook